.... make use of our experience and knowledge by the hour, by the job or as interim VP of Commercial Operations for as little as $75 per hour with equity.

BioMarket Consulting LLC, Biomedical Commercialization and Marketing Strategies

Our team knows how difficult it is for a startup to commercialize a new clinical diagnostic assay or biomedical instrument.  We have years of product development and go-to-market experience.  From market research and reimbursement strategies to clinical trials and FDA submission or CLIA lab build out and operations, we can help you optimize your return on investment.  Moreover, just before your product launch we can help build your sales and marketing strategy to increase your opportunities for success.  Consider the BioMarket Consulting Team for any or all stages in your go-to-market strategy as a lower cost alternative to a full-time staff.

Development Plan

Even before choosing the first assay for your instrument or your test method for a new IVD, it is important to research possible market entry points and potential for reimbursement.  Does your assay utilize FISH or PCR?  Should you bypass the FDA submission process and apply as a CLIA-waived product or set up your own CLIA lab?  Is your instrument more suitable for point-of-care or reference labs?  A marketing plan developed well in advance results in a well-positioned product.

Venture Capital and Funding

Your company or venture needs capital as part of a go-to-market strategy.  Our team can help you prepare and present your road show.  Investors need to know not only about your product viability, but also about your competition and projected margins, market and exit plan.  A well-prepared presentation with the market know-how and scientific expertise provided by the BioMarket Consulting team will be based on firm market research and your potential for success.

Product Launch

Product launch involves extensive preparation.  Product compliance must be documented and regulatory guidelines must be followed.  Sales teams must be built and sales incentive plans prepared.  A top prospect database must be constructed.  Field applications and technical support teams, customer training programs and marketing collateral must all be created.  BioMarket Consulting, LLC has the experience of seasoned veterans in the industry who have the skills, knowledge and professional network to get it done at a significantly lower cost than a full-time, in-house staff.