Q: Can I hire you for a very small project to see if I am satisfied with the experience?

A: The BioMarket Consulting Team will work for you with no minimum commitment. Recently we were asked to complete a market analysis for a product. The report was completed in less than 3 days and the client was charged for only 4 hours of work. They were very satisfied with the outstanding value and clarity we provided in such a short time.

Q: Isn’t outsourcing my marketing activities going to be expensive?

A: For a young company, it is usually the opposite. It can be inefficient to hire someone internally if there is no need for a full-time marketing team. By outsourcing you get the experience and pay only for what you need with first-rate, professional results. By the time you hire a qualified full-time employee, BioMarket Consulting could have some projects completed.

Q: I work at a very early stage biomedical start-up company. Why do I need marketing?

A:  All companies interface with the outside world at several stages.  Early market research helps you understand more about your customers and your product position. You will eventually need to communicate your story to a diverse audience that includes customers, scientific and medical professionals and those in the financial community. All these are marketing activities in which BioMarket Consulting has over a hundred years of combined experience.

Q: There are many companies that offer Marcom services. How are you different?

A: Most companies offering Marcom services focus on design aspects only. You are still responsible for content and need to tell your story clearly and professionally. With decades of expertise in the biomedical, diagnostics and pharma marketplace, we can help you tell your story in the best way and for each target audience.

Q: Why can’t I do the marketing myself?

A: You can and many companies do.  As in all activities however, good marketing demands resources and professionalism. If you have a need on these fronts, you may want to consider BioMarket Consulting.

Q: What kind of services do you provide?

A: We deliver professional interaction with the marketplace, investment community and regulatory agencies: market research, business plans, content for websites, presentations and brochures, representation and content for conferences and events, site selection for clinical trials, creation of CLIA labs, grant applications, reimbursement strategies, FDA submissions, and much more.

Q: What kind of companies do you work with?

A: BioMarket Consulting is focused on companies from the health sciences industry such as medical device developers, CLIA Laboratories, instrument manufacturers, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Q: Does your team have IVD experience?

A: The BioMarket Consulting Team has significant experience with in vitro diagnostics products, including traditional in vitro diagnostic assays, molecular diagnostics and personalized medicine, biomarker development and conversion of laboratory-developed tests (LDTs) to 510(k) or PMA submissions. We provide FDA regulatory consulting to companies in the in vitro diagnostics industry.  We can develop and implement customized regulatory strategies designed to optimize the development of in vitro diagnostics products. Our FDA regulatory consulting services include preparing the overall product development plan, creating a customized regulatory strategy and submission of 510(k)s.

Our team has regulatory and clinical research experience in the following diagnostic areas:

  • ASRs
  • Biomarkers
  • CLIA Waived Tests
  • Companion Diagnostics
  • Drug-of-Abuse Assays
  • Genetic Testing
  • High Throughput Testing
  • LDTs
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • POC Testing
  • Proteomics

Q: If I hired your team today, how soon could the work begin?

A: The BioMarket Consulting Team will begin the job within the first 24 hours subsequent to finalization of requested deliverables and agreements.